• Buddy Duress - Down a Barrell, Over the Earth

    Buddy Duress has been an honest man, a convict, and, even, an intermittent movie star. A Queens native, Duress seemed resigned to a life of crime. A full-blooded Italian, he might be considered a product of the time and his environment. An abusive father. Raised as much by the rough-and-tumble NYC streets as his parents. A hustler through-and-through.
  • Tragedy Girls - Then and Now

    Kim Kardashian had her baby. Swipe up. It’s there everywhere you look. Kanye West had another breakdown. Swipe up.  A constant and consistent peer into the lives of friends, family, celebrities, and people you only peripherally know. That person you went to highschool with for two weeks got married.
  • How Writer/Director/Producer Cameron Van Hoy Broke Into the Film Industry

    Cameron Van Hoy has become a veteran in the entertainment industry.The 2021 film Flinch was his feature directorial debut, but he’s been around the industry for a long time. He started as a child actor. Initially, it was in local or scholastic productions, but he later graduated into the world of TV and film.
  • Big Tech, the Independent Filmmaker, and an Oligopoly on Art

    The year is 1997. The English Patient has just swept the Academy Awards, winning nine awards of the twelve it was nominated for, including Best Pic...
  • The Cast of Flinch: Legends and New Guns

    Daniel Zovatto, originally from Costa Rica, is known for his gritty, unrelenting roles. Prior to his leading-role in Flinch, we saw him on the big screen in hits such as It Follows (2014), Don’t Breathe (2016). He came into his own with a variety of TV spots on Agents of Shield, Revenge, and Fear The Walking Dead.
  • How Streaming’s Changing Film

    The word “binge-worthy” is fairly recent. Prior to the advent of streaming, the only way to binge a TV show was through purchasing or renting a hard copy of it on DVD. Along came Netflix. They were fairly ahead of the game on streaming titles, conceiving of their service well-before the movement that they later launched.
  • Miami Nights 1984: The Revitalization of Synthwave

    Synthwave has become a rallying cry for the melodic composition. A clean oscillation between intense, dynamic ranges and powerful, but muted and gated drums. It provides such a wide range of emotion and can fit almost anywhere.