Miami Nights 1984: The Revitalization of Synthwave

Miami Nights 1984: The Revitalization of Synthwave

Flinch Original Soundtrack by Miami Nights 1984

Synthwave has become a rallying cry for the melodic composition. A clean oscillation between intense, dynamic ranges and powerful, but muted and gated drums. It provides such a wide range of emotion and can fit almost anywhere. From the color and innovation of TRON to the deep, emotional simplicity of everyday life in John Hughes movies, synthwave originally found its home in the mainstream of the 1980s. When motown, disco, and classic rock began to find itself replaced in the mainstream with a Kiss-esque revitalization of the glam-rock of Guns N’ Roses or Mötley Crüe. Or the loud, colorful pop of Madonna and Michael Jackson. The range provided by synthwave fit perfectly in the budding information age, a representation of technological advancement, but also the relaxation and a break from loud, explosive sounds. It’s no surprise synthwave became a go-to for film scores. And as synthwave enjoys a kind of renaissance, it’s only fitting that one of its major modern-day pioneers, Miami Nights 1984, draws his stage name from Miami Vice.

Miami Nights 1984, real name Michael Glover, enjoyed mainstream success as his remixes from Goyte to Nightcrawler saw mild organic virality. His earliest album under the name, Early Summer (2010), demonstrated proof that the model works. That synthwave has its place in today’s ever-changing landscape of music. It’s no surprise that his follow-up Turbulence (2012) achieved even further success, driving millions of streams. Glover has since opened a record label, Rosso Corsa Records, becoming something of an icon in the genre. The question to Michael became: what next? After providing a breeding ground for synthwave to come back to life and start making its way slowly into the mainstream, it’s important to find the next step in the revival of a genre that apparently faked its own death.

Interweaving itself in its original ascent to the charts, synthwave needed to convey those same feelings evoked from those classic 80s movies. So the next step for Miami Nights 1984 was to find a film that could appropriately convey the feeling of synthwave. Fortunately, our own Flinch provided a place for mutual interests. A seamless change between action and romance, fun and feeling, seemed like a natural place for synthwave. So Miami Nights 1984 signed on to produce the original score of the film, its star-studded cast providing an introduction to generations, both younger and older, into a genre they’d either forgotten or never heard of. It’s no surprise that Flinch has enjoyed success as its direction and cinematography very much carry a synthwave vibe throughout. And when artists, like Miami Nights 1984 and Flinch director Cameron Van Hoy, collaborate on a product with similar visions, the end result can only be a beneficial one to the landscape of art.

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